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Accountability Coach (Or their specific niche)

Mary Ann Hill

Hi, I'm Mary. I help clients stay sharp on their personal development. I am your go-to for holistic life and mental health coach.


As your Accountability Coach, my role is to help you define your goals, formulate effective plans, provide structure, encouragement, and support, and identify helpful resources and personal strengths. I believe in a partnership-focused approach that propels you forward toward a thriving life.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Human Services Counseling from Lincoln Christian University and later pursued a Masters in Human Services Counseling/Life Coaching from Liberty University. With over two decades of experience in social work and case management, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my coaching practice.


Launching my coaching practice in 2017, I've earned certifications such as FIA Certified Master Coach, Certified Master Trainer, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Disaster Recovery Coach, Certified Community Coach, and Board Certified Mental Health Support Coach, and Life Coach through the International Board of Christian Care and the American Academy of Christian Counselors.

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